Stricter Laws for Animal Abuse

Both of these readings are very worthwhile and I feel they both relate well to our topic. Animal cruelty is nothing new to this world and Kentucky is less likely to devote such attention to this matter. The above article deals with a cruel man who shot a dog with an arrow. Although the dog survived the attack, “Casey” has a difficult time walking, running, and jumping due to the injury sustained from the attack. The attacker, identified as Dale A. Moore, was convicted of a misdemeanor mistreatment of animals, fined an undisclosed amount and one year on probation.

The laws in Wisconsin do exist but as previous mentioned are somewhat relaxed. Wynn, a representative from Whitewater, Wisconsin believes Moore should have received a sentence of 32 years in prison or a fine of $10,000. I side with prison time since this punishment does not reflect a person’s ability to pay. Prison time affects everyone equally regardless of their wealth.

Mr. Wynn is doing something great for those who can’t speak for themselves. I support Mr. Wynn as he spearheads this bill through this state legislation. I echo Jose Mendoza’s statement about adopting a pet from a local shelter rather than buying one from a breeder. By ensuring each pet finds a loving home will go a long way with curbing or eliminating animal cruelty. And for those who wish to torture, maim or kill animals will only be punished severely.



One thought on “Stricter Laws for Animal Abuse

  1. I love the picture that is posted on this post. I truely believe we are here to help others and there are many dogs who are here to help us, such as seeing eye dogs and dogs that help soldiers after they come back from the war. If they do good to us, who do people think it is okay to do harm to them.

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