Fallacious Reasoning Part 1- Appeal to Authorities

“The fact that Brad Pitt was paid to endorse Pringles or Tiger Woods to tout Nike products proves nothing about the quality of these products, nor is there any reason to suppose that Panasonic takes better pictures of Shakira than Leicas or Nikons.” pg. 50

Kahane, H., & Kavender, N. (2013). Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric: The Use of Reason in Everyday Life.

Because some people have such strong connections to certain actors, actresses, and athletes people automatically assume that the product is going to be great.  How many of you have bought a product because of the name or face attached to it? Women, we buy designer handbags and clothes constantly for ridiculous amounts of money just because of a name stitched on the bag or clothes.  Athletes purchase Nike and Michael Jordan shoes and apparel because of strong brand recognition.  Even though the celebrities who are endorsing these products might not be experts, they still are what people are drawn to, to purchase the product.  


3 thoughts on “Fallacious Reasoning Part 1- Appeal to Authorities

  1. So, Devon, you posted twice. Once on the textbooks and once on Animal Rights, but you only need to post once per week. You can pick if you want to post about the textbook or the ethical issue, either is fine. Does that make sense?

  2. It is crazy to think what a huge influence actors, musicians, athletes and other public figures have on us. Have you ever really thought about why you buy the products you buy? It may just be that you wanted to try something new, or maybe you have been using the same product for many years. I took a look at my closet and brand names popped out left and right. When comparing my clothes without a well known brand name attached to the tag, to my other brand name clothing there was no difference other than the price tag. Trends popped out as well. What makes certain trends popular? Personally for me, magazines, my favorite celebrities, and even my older siblings make me want to try new things. Anything from Rihanna lipstick to the shoes Jessica Simpson and Gwen Stefani make, at the end of the day we don’t know what a huge impact the people we look up to or want to be like have on us.

  3. You’ve made some very good points. Many companies use celebrities to sell their products. In many cases, people buy certain products to live up to the image of success and power. This can explain why many men love to buy expensive fast cars and why women love to purchase pricy handbags. Because many of the time celebrities represent wealth and power, people want to live up to that image as well. However, I also believe that businesses use celebrities to “plant” these ideas into our heads. For example, Apple has done an excellent job in advertising their products. They’ve been successful in creating that image. Although there are other products that have similar functions and features, Apple has made their product appear superior by using celebrities to plant the need for their product in consumer’s heads.

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