Fallacious Reasoning & Appeal to Authority

Fallacious Reasoning & Appeal to Authority

Media is known to include an abundance of appeal to authority examples that involve fallacious reasoning.  Today, many celebrities, movie stars and professional athletes have endorsements that range from commercials, magazines and radio broadcasting.  Marketers use these figures of authority to advertise their product and ultimately sell more of their product, by making it more desirable and credible.  So, do these figures have the power to make a product better?  We do, because at the end of the day these products have the quality of being deceptive just because WE like whose face is on the cover or who is representing that product. Fallacious Reasoning and Appeal to Authority is everywhere this day in age, but it also goes back for many years.

Appeal to Authority - Baby Coca Cola

Here is an example of an older appeal to authority that many people may have viewed as credible.  This is something we would laugh at today, but back then anybody in a lab coat who tested a product for a few years and guaranteed a” lifetime of  happiness” was right.  It is important to realize that this argument was presented in a time where  a lot of health issues were unknown and when people didn’t know the dangers and consequences of what they consumed.  In addition “The Soda Pop Board of America” approves this advertisement which makes is vital as well, right?

More common present appeals to authority involve celebrities.

These two advertisements show two celebrities that have and had very prominent profiles.  Marilyn Monroe was an actress, model, and singer who was a huge influence to the people of America, as is Julia Roberts.  She  is one of America’s favorite sweethearts and actresses.  Marilyn Monroe’s fallacious advertisement is showing that if you use Lustre-Creme Shampoo your hair will look like hers.  Many women in the 50’s and 60’s strived to look like Monroe and using this shampoo is a prime example of an appeal to authority.  Julia Roberts is also advertising a beauty product that is a new “miracle” and “science” that will make your skin look as beautiful as hers.  Women strive to dress and look like celebrities that they look up to.  Even if you aren’t one to be easily deceived, appeal to authority examples are all around you each and every day.

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