Fallacious Reasoning-1

The first part of this trailer(and im sure the whole film) shows the fallacy of inconsistency. He is shown telling farmers, educators ,women, bankers, veterans etc. what they want to here in this case that “they are the backbone of this society!”  Politicians are extremely inconsistent and for there own good in the end hoping they win their campaign. But how come if voters know that polititians change their words depending on who they are talking to then do they still vote for them. Shouldn’t people vote for someone that is more confident and firm about their ONE opinion then changing it based on group of people they are speaking too? Some people get sucked into the fact that the  candidate is telling them all the things they want to hear, so they ignore the fact that they could be unreliable to their word once elected.

Will ferrel is shown buttering up different people to win votes by telling them what they want to hear regardless if deep down in side he does not agree. Does that matter to him? it may or may not keep him from sleeping at night. But he is willing to go that far to get  the win. Therefor he will have to accept the fact that he is inconsistent.

Since all politicians are guilty of being inconsistent which ones can we trust and what do we base our vote on if we cant base it on our trust that this leader will do the right thing. But if a politician said he supports abortion to one group of people and opposed it in another then where do they really stand? And how do we know for sure?


2 thoughts on “Fallacious Reasoning-1

  1. I agree, politicians are inconsistent with the view because they’re just trying to get elected to office. Once they are in they forget what place them in the position and take a different course then promise. This why voting is so hard for me to do. you never know the candidate your voting for will follow through on the important issues they were so passionately supporting during the campaign.

  2. From our discussion last night, I think most of us agreed that the dynamic of politics is not good. It is a system driven by money and a system that is abundant with inconsistency. But, everyone just accepts the fact that all politicians flip-flop at one point or another. The funny thing is that, the public is pretty knowledgeable about inconsistency when it comes to politicians, but nothing seems to change. Maybe politicians do this accidentally when they are afraid they might say something out of line to a different kind of audience. I think the pressure of not only the big money backers but also the pressure from the media that catches the slightest of slips and uses it for slander purposes against those politicians are the reasons why inconsistency engulfs our politics.

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