Ethics is not for everyone, Its just for me…


Ethic is definitely a fool for relativism. Its about who is right in comparison to who else is right and how those who are wrong act, think, or speak. Ethics is a jambalaya soup of finger pointing, confusion, and truth, waiting for someone to say the wrong thing at the right time. In the attached comic we witness Hobbes silently listening to Calvin’s rave about self worth and Hobbes at the end Gives Calvin a push into a pile of mud. It is necessary for us to transition Ethics from a relative state of view to a religious and lawful arena.

Ethics like our stuffed comic tiger cruises along until something gets in its way and usually thing “something” is no other than our fellow social compadres. Whether man or woman, we have our own views of the world instilled, taught, and experienced by us through norms, education, parenting, and plain old life. Its a matter of finding common ground that gives ethics its definition. Otherwise we’d be walking talking Gods of our own lives. Imagine everyone is a boss but no one works for anyone else. This is chaos at its finest or communism?

Well if something that you think is unethical is ethical to the next person and ethics is just a grey area for everyone, what good is having ethics at all?

According to Victor R in TCAEI, “it is because of ethics that we have laws in the first place, and we continue to need ethics to refine and perfect our legal system. We also need ethics in order to discuss the practical implications of our religious beliefs with others who do not share those beliefs.”

It is funny how ethics is not for everyone but everyone needs it. Ethics is a common ground for all of us. It is not always a clear cut answer but to distinguish right from wrong we have to start somewhere.

Do you think ethics is a good place to start when discussing politics and religion? Or does moral reasoning just make things muddy?


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